Survival Straps Paracord Accessories

We have seen many uses for paracord, the possibilities are limitless. But in recent years there has been an increase in purveyors ofSurvival Bracelet paracord bracelets. Not only are they stylish, but very practical in the sense of saving your rear in a tough situation. I like being prepared, but being fashionably prepared is not bad either.

The team at Survival Straps have taken paracord to a new level. They offer many styles of military spec 550 paracord bracelets for men, women, and children. They offer watch straps, luggage tags, lanyards, and heck, even belts for your trousers!! There is a lot to choose from, but what is also outstanding is they offer products which support the Wounded Warrior Project. Fifty percent of the proceeds from line goes directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. We support any organization that supports our armed services.

If you are looking for some functional and stylish paracord gear, give Survival Straps a look.

Survival Bracelet








Paracord Luggage Tag

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