Gear Preview: RIBZ Front Pack

We are always on the lookout for products we  feel our readers will not just like; but actually benefit from. When we scour the Internet, we find so many bug out bags, go bags, 72 hour bags, etc. While I was looking for gear that would compliment our beginning hiking series, I came across the Front Pack from a company called RIBZ Sportswear located in sunny San Diego, CA.

The folks at RIBZ take design seriously as the Front Pack was co-designed with one of the most decorated Navy SEALS, Frank Thornton. So who better to get advice on gear other than someone who’s life has depended on it?

So the Front Pack is made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon and has a capacity of between 600 to 800 cubic inches. It can hold up to 10 pounds worth of gear as well. While the idea is to help the user distribute the load they are carrying, in essence this reduces shoulder stress while increasing mobility and balance. Thus taking most of the load off of your back. This seems to be a great idea.


While I do not have first hand experience with the Front Pack, we will be conducting an in-depth review. I intend to put it through the rigors of what you would require. I will be thinking outside the box, so be ready for a review you will not want to miss. I look forward to it. Stay tuned!!

RIBZ Front Pack


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