Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Disaster Doesn’t Wait

Last night we have had the pleasure of viewing another installment of Doomday Preppers on NatGeo Channel. This episode titled, “Disaster Doesn’t Wait”, featured three families preparing for a specific disaster scenario. This review will be short as I was not impressed by this episode. I was disappointed as each episode has provide something new or cool, but the only interesting bit of information was the couple who drank their own urine.

Our first family was Barry and Pink who were prepping for an EMP strike. The concrete pod (urban foxhole) in the garage was cool, but they lost me when they conducted their first drill. Why would all of the men go into the foxhole and leave Pink to guard the house with a scatter gun? Then came the practice bug-out to their sail boat. I do not think a 15 mile hike is logical if you are going to plan to bug out. To each his own.

Steve and Martha Pace are prepping for an EMP strike as well. I give Steve credit for informing his local government about what could take place. But I do not want to have to drink my own pee. Purified or not. I liked the four-wheel bicycle, but I do not think it will outrun an angry mob. I would honestly look for another means of transportation.

Last we met Laura and Brian Kunzie who are prepping for a Bird Flu pandemic. I think it is fine with how they want to prepare for this, but I was bored. Mrs. Kunzie owns a store which sells preparedness supplies, but I would like to see a little more involvement in their own preparedness program.

Like I said, this review was short. I know that there has to be some bad during the a season of any show, but come on NatGeo!! Lets kick it up a notch. I am hoping next week will redeem. Until then everyone, have an awesome week!


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2 Responses to Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Disaster Doesn’t Wait

  1. I agree, I wasn’t moved much by the episode. It didn’t make sense to me why the lady afraid of the bird flu would test her equipment on the very water the birds are frolicking in. It would be more practical to build a reservoir of water that you could treat.

    I though the 4 wheel bike was in bad taste, especially showing him drinking before driving. Also a 90/10 ratio of a town in a SHTF time frame would not be a great place to be. You have to be prepared for outsiders.

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