Glock Introduces Gen 4 Pistols in FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

If you hang around the Glock world for any length of time at all you’ve heard about the unicorn of all Glock pistols, the OD Green Glock frames which are no longer in production. Well as of today (April 2, post April fools day) Lipsey’s Firearms Distributors have announced an exclusive deal with Glock in providing dealers with 9 different models (5 of which are Generation 4) of Glock pistols with Flat Dark Earth frames.

The Glock frames that were colored in Olive Drab Green were somewhat popular but became rabidly moreso when Glock halted production on the rare finds. Now, with 9 different pistols offered in this new Flat Dark Earth, which in pictures looks like brown, it’s no doubt that if and when Glock chooses to halt production on the FDE frames people will once again froth at the mouth to get their hands on one.

I’m pretty pumped with 5 of these new FDE frames falling into the Generation 4 categories, one of which is the Glock 21 Gen 4 in .45 ACP which we had the chance to fire some rounds through during SHOT Show 2012′s Media Day at the Range. The new recoil spring assembly makes full powered .45 rounds purr more like a 9mm would. As if that wasn’t going to be popular enough, not it comes in a factory colored frame. Forget getting one of these in for a gun review, I WANT one of these for myself!!!

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