Liberty & Freedom – Are We Missing Warning Signs?

Government is only too much disposed to follow this diabolical advice, for it is composed of ministers and officials – of men, in short, who, like all other men, desire in their hearts, and always seize every opportunity with eagerness, to increase their wealth and influence.

Government is not slow to perceive the advantages it may derive from the part which is entrusted to it by the public. It is glad to be the judge and the master of the destinies of all; it will take much, for then a large share will remain for itself; it will multiply the number of its agents; it will enlarge the circle of its privileges; it will end by appropriating a ruinous proportion. – Frederic Bastiat

The kids need to be dressed & dropped off at school, you have your big presentation today, you’ve been working your ass off  putting in long hours in hopes that someone will notice you and give you that promotion, and you told your wife you’d host family dinner this evening, knowing that your mother-in-law would be all over you for one reason or another. You don’t have time for political nonsense – I get it.

Unfortunately, the elected officials we trust to keep our best interest in mind aren’t always doing that. While we struggle just to get through the day, they put legislation together that starts to infringe on our personal liberties. While we hit the pillow exhausted after a long day, the President is giving speeches asking for more power, saying things like he’s going against free market principles in order to save the free market, or flat out telling us that he’ll act as an administrator if he has to in order to get things done that he knows are best for us. Are we missing our warning signs that our Constitutional Republic is in trouble? I believe so.

Here are a few clips I’d like to share with you – watch them & decide for yourself.

Sometimes You Need to Abandon Free Market Principles to Save the Free Market?

And Sometimes You Need to Pass the Bill Before We Can See What Is In It?

Just Bypass Congress – You Know, the Checks & Balances the Founders Put In Place

Maybe You Just Have too Much Information at Your Disposal – Need to Limit That

Sometimes You Just Need More Power to Act Administratively – He Won’t Abuse It

And it’s all Because That Pesky Constitution – It Only Says What Gov’t CAN’T Do To You, not what Governmnt should do FOR you

Where Have Our Leaders Gone? Wouldn’t This Be Refreshing to Hear Again?

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