Camp Security

Camp security is not generally an issue. Most people either camp in a campground with hundreds of people around or so far out in the sticks that bad guys are too lazy to go to them. Well incase you have been in a coma since y2k times have changed. That campground you have used for years may not be as safe as you once thought.

Also that remote location where you spend a week a year backpacking and know no one else uses may be the perfect place to grow or manufacture illegal narcotics. It is becoming a common occurance.

Now let’s see how we can avoid getting into a rough situation. I always carry a gun. I strongly advise when camping expecially backpacking you have at least one firearm with the group. I personally carry my sidearm and a KelTec sub 2000 folding rifle. Just the presence of a firearm may deture a criminal from messing with you.

Practice situational awareness. If your in a large group send a two man team ahead to scout the camp location before setting up. Before setting up camp be sure to establish a 100 yard premiter around the camp. When establishing this premiter be sure there are no trails that may be frequently used leading directly into your camp.

When setting up camp be sure to circle the wagons so to speak. Set up close to eachother. This will help alert you if someone is in trouble. If someone leaves the camp, weather it is for gathering wood, water, ect. make sure you know what direction there going in and when they expect to be back. If possible never leave camp alone.

I have heard of people taking a small bug out bag when camping. They use the bug out bag when they venture away from camp or incase they have to leave camp quickly for whatever reason it may be.

I personally like to have a few people get up throughout the night and check things out. Be sure that everything is quiet around camp. They can also check the premiter and look for intruders.

These skills may be a little over kill for a family camping or backpacking trip. But this is a great way to practice the bug out and to be ready incase the skills are ever needed.

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  1. Never thought of these camp security issues. Having a smaller bug out bag seems like a good idea though. Thanks!

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