Glock Parts List

Glock makes some of the most reliable firearms in the world. This is why I’ve chosen to rely on Glocks as my primary conceal carry as well as my SHTF side arm.

To ensure that I can properly maintain my weapons I’ve done my best to understand all the working parts. Here is one of the best technical diagrams I’ve seen of the working parts of a Glock pistol.

Glock Parts

1. Slide
2. Barrel
3. Recoil Spring Assembly
4. Firing Pin
5. Spacer Sleeve
6. Firing Pin Spring
7. Spring Cups
8. Firing Pin Safety
9. Firing Pin Safety Spring
10. Extractor
11. Extractor depressor plunger
12. Extractor depressor plunger spring
13. Spring-loaded bearing
14. Slide cover plate
15. Rear sight
15.a Front sight
16. Magazine catch spring
17. Magazine catch
18. Frame
19. Slide lock spring
20. Slide lock
21. Locking block
22. Trigger mechanism housing
23. Connector
24. Trigger spring
25. Trigger with trigger bar
26. Slide stop level
27. Trigger pin
28. Trigger housing pin
29. Follower
30. Magazine spring
31. Magazine floor plate
31.a Magazine insert
32. Magazine tube
33. Locking block pin
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