Hitting The Trails: Trekking Poles

As part of our beginner hiking series for the prepper; we will review gear which we feel is necessary for (or can help) your hikes. For some of our readers, this information is not new, but for some it is. If you have been following this series, you already know that I am green when it comes to this subject. With that being said; my experiences are genuinely that of a first timer. So let’s talk about trekking poles.

When I started my research into hiking and what equipment should be acquired, I came across trekking poles. At first I was a little skeptical as I did not see the reasoning behind it. But after my recent ten-mile per day hikes, I decided to give give them a try. I cannot say much at the moment because I will be posting a review on them very soon. I did take them out today for the first time and put a little over 8 miles on them. I will be doing another hike with them at a different location so I can give an accurate review.

The point of this article is to hear your thoughts on using trekking poles for your hikes or walks. This is if you have any experience with using them. Even if not, stay tuned for my review and thoughts. You may be surprised. Until then, happy trails!



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