Video: How to Hold a Gun (Rifle)

From our friends at Haus of Guns. Even if you know how to properly hold a rifle; some folks have never held or discharged a firearm. So please check out this how-to.

I experienced a little harassment from my buddy Rodney over at (killer site!) when I wrote the post about How to Hold a Gun – Rifle from the How to Shoot Series and failed to post any “How To” pictures of myself making good on what I was talking about. Well I did you one better, my friend! How about a couple pics AND a video describing the written words? The video listed above will most definitely not be the last “How To” style video posted on our YouTube Channel or in the series, but I’m happy to introduce the first video giving a visual example of how to hold a gun whether it be an AK-47 like the one I’m building or a standard sporting rifle.


AK47 (2)

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