ALL NEW Russian Izhmash AK-12 Rifle

I have to thank my amigo, Nicholas from (just went through a site redesign and this dude spits out new shirt designs DAILY. Think I’m playing? Check them out!) for turning us on to this article through our Facebook Page this morning.

The Shotgun News blogger Marco Vorobiev, a former Soviet Spetsnaz soldier turned American citizen clues the world in to Izhmash Arsenal’s attempt to continue and  capitalize on the most reliable rifle design in a century in the AK-47. Thanks to the ongoing AK vs. AR debate, many armories are doing what they can to bridge the gap most AR fanboys use to discount the AK in this argument,

“The sight radius is too short, the controls suck, ergonomics and accuracy are awful!”

As you can imagine, the name AK-12 simply represents a 2012 released version of the AK-47 rifle (AK stands for Automat Kalashnikov or Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle for dummies). The new spin on the historic design has a fully railed top and forend which includes a modified dust cover now containing the rear aperture sight which is even longer than a standard AR-15. It also boasts improved ergonomics and a telescopic folding buttstock among other things. I’ll stop pretending like the story is mine since I personally just learned about it from the Shotgun News via Also, Steve at gives a pretty good run down on the new design too.

I suppose my argument would be this. The AK is the AK-47 and not the AR-15 for a reason. Why try and turn the AK into an AR? Maybe a better approach is to improve the smaller things that make the AK the AK and let the end user determine which issues in the argument he wants to adjust.



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