Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Nine Meals Away From Anarchy

They say good things come to those who wait. This season of Doomsday Preppers has progressed nicely and I believe the best was saved for last. Throughout this season, we have met preppers from different walks of life and they possess different schools of thought regarding preparedness. But this week’s episode; Nine Meals Away From Anarchy, took the show to a whole new level. What brought me to this conclusion? Keep reading. You won’t be disappointed.

The first family we meet is the Mester Family from Atlanta, GA. Mike Mester and his family are preparing for civil unrest. My initial thought was this family takes prepping very serious and have put a lot of thought and planning into what they have accomplished. You can tell that Mike is in tune with the current social issues and anything that may create an issue. He also keeps his family informed which I feel is very important. Having beans, bullets, and band-aids is important. But situational awareness is key to survival as well. While having a very well organized stockpile of food, fuel, and weapons. Mike has taken self-sufficiency a step further by creating his own heating fuel by using a mixture of dried leaves and scrap newspaper. This should last his family a couple of winters.

Though the family appears to have a large supply of long-term food storage and a generous weapons cache; they have taken their security to another level. They have two German Shepherds; Storm and Thunder. Mike has obtained professional canine trainers to teach Storm and Thunder protection training. I believe this will be detrimental in deterring would be bad guys. The show’s “experts” suggested the family should have a bug-out location and involve their neighbors in the preparedness program. I completely agree as I feel this would make their preps come full circle. There have been a handful of guests this season who have truly impressed me and the Mester Family has become one of my favorites. Keep up the great work!

Next we have Preston White who is preparing for dangerous levels of radiation exposure. Now before I start; if you watched this episode, I do not need to say much to get my point across. While I have seen folks save different seeds for planting their own gardens and such, Preston has over 11,000 seeds to replenish his food supply. This is a little much in my opinion. But it gets interesting. Preston believes that the shelters he has ordered will protect what he grows from radiation and the elements. The machine he has acquired from a local inventor was really neat but I do not believe it will do the job. If the water and soil is affected by radiation, how will Preston be able to keep his food supply clean?

As we had a look into Preston’s preps a little more, we were given a tidbit of information regarding a Craigslist transaction that almost turned fatal. While I thought this was way out there, I would advise our readers to learn from this. Don’t advertise your preps or intentions to absolute strangers. You never know who you are talking to and you compromise OPSEC in a minute. I hope Preston gets some help with prepping, but I believe this was way out in left field.

Last we met Riley Cook and his family. If you read my preview of this episode, you will see that I mentioned that my jaw hit the floor when they discussed his preps. Why? He has spent approximately $300,000.00 on his preparedness program so far. I know most of our readers prep on a budget, but this is crazy! Riley builds disaster shelters that can withstand some serious stuff. I know this is expensive and it is most likely where the bulk of the money went. I thought the shelters are very cool and the security setup to vaporize an intruder is uber cool. Everyone should have one.

We also had a peek at Riley’s amphibious rickshaw which was cool, but so impractical. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could cart that thing around for a long distance. I think I would rather hike it out of town. I will give Riley kudos for making the trek to his bug out location in adverse weather. It is great practice and prepares you for the real deal. The only suggestion I would have is to leave the little ones at home due to safety concerns. I don’t see a need to put them in danger if it is not needed. While I like the ideas Riley has for his family are great, I would suggest getting some friends or family involved. Safety is greater in numbers. He does have a family to protect.

As I said earlier, I really enjoyed this episode. I am anxious to see what comes down the pipe in the next season. Do yourself a favor and watch this episode if you have not. I look forward to hearing what our readers have to say about this episode. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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4 Responses to Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Nine Meals Away From Anarchy

  1. Does anyone know who manufactures the small stove insert that was used to burn the paper and leaf pellets?

  2. the preston white guy seemed to be one of the crazier persons on the show this season in my opinion. i wouldn’t trust him personally, and you notice that in the checkup he said he and the other dude had a disagreement and aren’t prepping together anymore. the guy is a nut, and his buddy seemed half-way sane, so i suppose the two didn’t mix. the craigslist thing was just over the top too; what a moron… but i agree the pellet idea was pretty neat.

    i see the same problem for the bunker builder as i did for the shovel prepper guy, they have these awesome shelters but they are hours away from their homes through extreme conditions. doesnt make sense to me…

  3. Does anyone know where I can find instructions and information on the stove that the Mester family built?

    I am also looking for more detailed instructions on how to make the leave/paper bricks?

    Can anyone direct me to a source?

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