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Hitting The Trails: Initial Thoughts

Yesterday was day number two of my hiking adventure and I will say I have learned much more. I did not write about the first day as I only put two miles in that day because I was really taking in the scenery. But yesterday was one of the coldest days we have had this Winter and I was able to complete six miles on the trails. It was great to increase the hike by four miles.

NRA Official Claims Obama Plans to Outlaw All Guns During His Second Term

Obama plans to end 2nd amendment? A top NRA official has gone on the record with his belief that if Obama is elected for a second term he plans to effectively end the 2nd amendment with an all out ban on guns. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said that Obama’s 1st term low key approach on gun rights was a conspiracy to ensure reelection for a second term where he plans a full destruction of Americans 2nd amendment rights.

Preview: Beginner Hiking Series

The most overlooked and neglected aspect of preparedness is physical fitness. In some cases, there may be a time when you cannot depend on a vehicle to get out of dodge. A prime example would be in the event of an EMP. You can forget about driving your new car or truck. Even though we have had a mild winter; warm weather is right around the corner. So I wanted to do something that would not only had a health benefit, but provide some experience any prepper should have. So we will be hiking.

Sensible Mountain Preppers Conference

The Second Annual Sensible Mountain Preppers Conference is now scheduled for May 4-5, 2012 in Black Mountain, NC. Black Mountain, NC… if you’ve never visited is awesome. The serenity of the mountains is second to none and to be able to visit, learn, and absorb the beauty of the mountains is awesome.

Preview: New Outdoor Shoes from Magnum Boots

Magnum Hiking Boots
We were able to get a pic that was taken at the SHOT Show of some new shoes that the folks at Magnum Boots are coming out with. As you can see, they look like good candidates for hiking or trail boots/shoes.

The Forum Is Now OPEN!!

We have launched the forum!! You can access it here. We hope that everyone will have a great time and we look forward to growing with all of you. Tell your friends!! 🙂

Coming Soon!!

We want our readers to have a way to communicate with each other, so we are launching the Prepper Central Forums. We will have a lot of categories of information to choose from. So we hope you make this your new home away from home. Stay tuned!! You can find the forum here