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The Most Important Prep You’ll Need

Whether you are a seasoned prepper or just starting a preparedness plan, the question of what is the most important item should I have in my gear or plan always comes up. Is it guns and ammo for self-defense? Is it a years supply of food and water for sustainability? While we cannot survive without the basics, there is something you should have in your preps which is one of the most important items you could ever stock up on. Know what it is? If not, keep reading.

Help Us Grow With You

If you have followed us for some time, you know that we don’t hold back. Our mission is to bring you the best in preparedness information, along with current events, in order to give you a well rounded picture of what’s going on. We have done this since 2011 and we are honored to have grown with our readers since that time. It is now time for us to grow again and expand in order to meet the demands of the preparedness community. This is where we need your help.

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Our goal with Prepper Central Magazine is to create a community that reaches all corners of the world. Preparedness is not only for preppers, homesteaders, or survivalists. It is for anyone who has the desire to survive and thrive through whatever life throws at you.

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Yes you heard correctly, our sister publication, Prepper Central Magazine, is giving the first three months for free!! No strings attached. Just sign up and you’re in!

We Need Your Help

Since our start in 2011, our mission has been to provide our readers with the best information and news that we deemed necessary to keep each of you informed and prepared. It has been a great journey and we have met so many wonderful people along the way. It has been an honor in which the majority of our readers have been with us since the beginning and you have watched us grow over the years.

Stand And Deliver – Part II

We left off in part one of this series with my using the mid-season finale of the hit television show, The Walking Dead as a reference by being forced to make difficult decisions in time of crisis. I wanted to follow-up with part two of this to touch on a subject that will hopefully incur thought and spark discussion.

Who Wants To Live Off The Grid?

Our friends at the Advanced Living Project are doing just that. They have taken the huge leap of faith and started what some people can only dream of doing by actually living on self reliance and off the grid. They have now decided to expand and create a a place where others can do this. If you have seriously considered to live off the grid or have a place where you can, then you may want to check this out because it is a very attractive offer from these wonderful folks.