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Doomsday Preppers: Season 2 Episode “Am I Nuts or Are You?”

As you recall from last year, we were honored with having the opportunity to review some of the episodes of Season 1 of Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel. This season looks like it is going to be very good. With all the recent chatter out there, people are becoming more interested in Prepping. So I am sure the folks at NatGeo will have some goodness for us.

Education After the Collapse – School When There Is No Classroom

For those of us paying attention to what’s happening in the world around us, the coming collapse is a foregone conclusion. All signs point to the inevitable: that an event, or series of events, will soon lead the world into what can be described as a modern period of the Dark Ages. Food will become scarce, violence will thrive, disease will spread, governments will turn on their people, and the fragile social fabric that has maintained relative peace throughout the Western world will  unravel.


So last night we were treated to the premier of Revolution on NBC. I have seen the advertisements for it and maybe even a billboard on the highway. I really did not know what to expect and to be quite honest with you; I really didn’t expect much. I made it a point to get my favorite snack and get ready to see the show.

The Machine RLTW AK-47

  This sexy beast is wearing a coat of tan duracoat. While the prototypes had some color added, typical rifles from Snakehound Machine will not be finished beyond stock parkerizing. Maybe the post of this rifle review should actually be “The ONE MOA AK.” Fair warning, this MAY blow your mind. If you suck at reading and prefer TV then watch the video. Or do both.

The UK Preppers Radio Network: The PurifiCup

We recently tested and reviewed the PurifiCup. We just got word that it has been tested by a team of survival instructors and their will a discussion about it this Friday on the UK Preppers Radio Network . 

PurifiCup Happy Birthday USA Giveaway

In response to our recent review of the PurifiCup and in celebration of our great nations birthday; the awesome folks at PurifiCup would like to give one away to a lucky reader of ours. It is the same model we tested here. So if you want to get in on this awesome gesture, here is what you will need to do:

Gear Review: The PurifiCup

Survival. A very simple term that carries a lot of weight. The meaning between life and death. What determines survival? Having the skills and resources to survive any adverse situation you may encounter. You will not survive without the basic life sustaining necessities. One of those is clean water. We know that many of our readers are always looking for ways to stay prepared, so it becomes our responsibility to test gear that will be beneficial to you.