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Report: Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan; Gov to Freeze Bank Accounts, Eliminate Euro, Restrict Capital Flow

That a default in Europe is coming has never been the question. For the astute observer the only thing at issue is how and when it will happen.  While the mainstream financial media and government officials have tried to spin this story as one that involves only Greek debt, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t isolated to a single country. Italy, Portugal, Ireland and most other European countries are in exactly the same boat.

Recovery Ending Event: Big Oil Insider Warns of $5 Gas This Year

U.S. consumers may be able to ignore continued warnings about economic and political instability by avoiding the news and burying their heads in the sand when water cooler conversations pop up, but what they will not be able to ignore is paying $40 more every time they pump gas into their minivans.

H.o.G. Anniversary Gun Giveaway!

Our friends over at Haus of Guns are having an awesome giveaway to celebrate their one year anniversary. We wanted to share this with our readers, so go and check them out. Don’t forget to tell them that we sent ya!! Yes you read it correctly! In the first post this morning you saw us goosh all about our first year in the gun review world. So now I’m gonna shut up and tell you about our gift to you for OUR first anniversary!!! We’re doing a gun giveaway, FOR YOU. Which gun?