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Glenn Beck: “We Are In The Midst Of WWIII”

From The Blaze, via Before It’s News and The Real Revo: The impression that I took away from the meetings with these leaders was that we are not headed towards World War III. We are now fighting it.  And it’s not being fought in the traditional way. This war is being fought on the spiritual level, and also not yet with guns. The guns are the financial instruments.

12 Preparedness Tips for Families with Children

Something I have not given much thought to is how to deal with survival and preparedness matters when there are young children in the household. Perhaps it was watching the children on Doomsday Preppers that set me on this path, or perhaps it was just something I started thinking about on my own.

Iran Holds Air Defense Drills As IAEA Says Iran Blocks Access To Key Nuclear Site

As if the market needed another bizarro catalyst to ramp even higher courtesy of an even more pronounced drop in corporate earnings courtesy of soaring energy costs, that is just what it is about to get following news of further deterioration in the Nash equilibrium in Iran, where on one hand we learn that IAEA just pronounced Iran nuclear talks a failure (this is bad), and on the other Press TV reports that the Iran army just started a 4 day air defense exercise in a 190,000 square kilometer area in southern Iran (this is just as bad). The...

FBI May Shut Down Internet On March 8; Could Adversely Affect Half of All Fortune 500 Companies, Millions of Users

Arguing about whether or not the government should be allowed a “kill switch” for the internet is a moot point. The bottom line is they already have various capabilities that are, essentially, an internet kill switch. The following report demonstrates how easily the globe’s internet infrastructure could be taken down by government, as well as rogue criminal organizations: Millions of computer users across the world could be blocked off from the Internet as early as March 8 if the FBI follows through with plans to yank a series of servers originally...

The NEW OD Green KelTec KSG Bullpup Shotgun

The KelTec KSG Shotgun isn’t new to us. But the KelTec KSG Shotgun in OD Green is VERY new to us. We did an early gun review on it a LONG time ago. Basically because a bullpup designed shotgun seems awesome regardless of who makes it. Then take dual tube magazines stacked side by side, cover the gun in picatinny rails and you’ve got a serious argument for primary home defense weapon and more. At just 26″ in overall length and an 18″ barrel, this gun is stubby at best.

How the FED Steals Your Life

by M.N. Gordon, Things are going haywire. Prices are shifting about in erratic and unpredictable ways. Take gas prices, for instance. Here in the Golden State we just paid $3.87 per gallon for the cheap stuff.

Federal Biometric ID Program “Secure Communities” Expands to its 27th State

By Nicholas West Activist Post ICE announced in February, 2011 that it would begin using biometric identification as a key component of an information-sharing nexus with 58 California counties meant to identify aliens who are booked for crimes by local police.  However, a Freedom of Information Act request by several justice organizations revealed a program involving extensive Homeland Security coordination to expand the Secure Communities biometrics program to include even law-abiding American citizens.