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How A Jobless Father Of Four Is Surviving The Winter In Detroit

How does a jobless father of four keep his family warm and fed in Detroit during the harsh winter? By donating his plasma and collecting wood from the abundant amount abandoned homes around the bankrupt city.

Is It Really Time To Get Out Of The City?

I receive a fair number of videos, emails and articles about the coming financial crash. It is always nigh. It is always imminent. And preparing for it always involve getting away from the teaming masses.

N.Y. 8-year-old saved 6 in fire, died trying to save 7th

While this is a tragic and heartbreaking story, there is something we can all learn from this little boy… courage. He is a hero in our book. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

On Borrowed Time: “They’re Going to Turn the Blame Directly on You”

If you regularly follow establishment media and you’ve fallen for the notion that the stock market is the primary measure for economic health in this country, then you probably also believe that the recovery has taken hold, that the economy is growing, and that our elected officials have done a great job dealing with the crisis.

Homelessness Surges Among Veterans Of Recent Wars

As more young veterans of the recent wars leave the military, the number of them falling on hard times and homelessness continues to rise sharply. New numbers from the Department of Veterans shows that nearly 50,000 of these veterans were either living in the streets, at risk of losing their homes or relying on federal vouchers for housing needs in 2013.

Doomsday Prepper (and Convicted Felon) Tyler Smith Jailed for Illegal Firearms

The neighbors of Tyler Smith can breathe a little easier. He is in jail and, you know, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. (ahem)

Human Fatality Rate 60%: “Grave Concerns that H5N1 Will Become Easily Transmissible Between Humans”

Canadian health officials have admitted they are confused over how a fit and healthy 20 year old hospital worker has died of H5N1.